Double payment error in a shop


I made a purchase in a shop, today.
The payment resulted in an error and has been aborted.
The second try worked.
But i’ve been charged twice the same amount.

Can someone help me, please ?


Hey notilfr

Are both transaction marked as Pending? If they are still pending then the merchant have not claimed the money yet. They have 7 days to do this. Normally then this happens the merchant will only claim the first transaction and after 7 days the other is reverted and the funds returned

No, there is no pending transaction.

Well, in fact i don’t know if the payment is pending.

Click on the transaction on the list. At the top of the details there is a status.

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Check the status in the app. It says either “pending” or “completed”.


The status is pending, “en attente”, for me.

Thanks for your help

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I got the same issue with two payments I’ve made in Djerba in an Hotel during my holidays.
The first two payments are still marked in pending status. They were charged on my card the 18th and 19th February. And then two other identical amounts show up the 21st and 22th of February but these ones in completed status.
These four transactions have been charged on my revolut account and I’m now in negative.
What can I do?
The hotel assure me that they didn’t take twice the money. But in the meantime it seems that the hotel didn’t receive any payments yet.
I would be higly grateful if you could urgently assist.
Thanks a lot
Kr Jade

Dear members and leaders,

Could someone please help?
The hotel confirms the two first payments but the double payments on my revolution account are remaining. Still in pending status and in negative. Could you please confirm that these two unjustified payments will be refunded ?
Thans fot your swift assistance