Double currency exchange on top-up


This is being investigated. It looks like the bank is doing the exchange despite our request to proceed with RON.


Thanks for the confirmation.

Do you have any comments on my theory that the transaction has an optional currency “attribute” that my bank jumps at the opportunity to pick if it’s not set?


I will be able to provide an update once I have more info as this is still under investigation.


Hi! Same story here. Called the bank (Unicredit), however, they say that the transaction was sent by Revolut in EURO, hence the issue.
@AndreasK Do you have a resolution for this?



Also, can I expect a refund for the ~50 RON (I’ll dig up the number if needed) I lost because of his?


@Mihaela_D Do you have any news from Revolut about this?


Hi, I have the same issue related to Unicredit. Is there any change to solve this bug? I don’t need Revolut if you get EUR from a RON account.


I’ve asked Support a couple of times, but they didn’t have any news. To be honest, I don’t think anyone is looking into this issue (the devs are probably working on new features, and it’s not like too many people have complained).

If you have a friend with an ING card, you can ask them to transfer you money.


I have run into the same issue topping up RON using a Mastercard from OTP Bank. There are other reports in this thread. Top up with Maestro card charged with 1.5% by Revolut!!
Any news?


You can also contact the bank and open a ticket with them, saying the request was made in RON but they instead sent in EURO and ask for a refund from the bank…you have only time to lose …


I have the same problem with a RON top-up from a RON debit card issued by Intesa SanPaolo Bank Romania. For example, for a 50 RON top-up i was charged 51.72 RON by the bank. In the bank statement I have the following:

Tranz. POS com. us on-other int. - 10-07-2018 Merch.Name:REVOLUTXXXX Merch.City:REVOLUT.COM Orig: 50 RON = 10.78 EUR (la curs VISA ) Curs ISPRO: 4.7978 RON / EUR

If Revolut does nothing to block these types of hidden currency exchanges then there is no point in using Revolut for paying abroad / exchanging currencies.


I don’t think they can block this. It’s a “legit” transaction from Revolut’s perspective (assumed that they indeed charge RON and not EUR). How should they be able to control how a merchant / card issuer processes a payment on the other side?


@AndreasK FYI: following banks from Romania are using a strange conversion to EUR and back to RON when trying to Top Up the Revolut card with RON: OTPBank, Intesa San Paolo, Unicredit, BRD Societe Generale. Why is this annoying? Because they are exchanging the RON amount of money in EUR at the bank rate exchange and back in RON at the Revolut exchange rate. And the conclusion is the banks will charge your bank account with a bigger amount of RON.
On the other hand, the following Romanian banks are doing the Top Up of the Revolut Card as expected, RON to RON: BCR - Erste Group, Raiffeisen Bank, ING, Transilvania Bank (BT).
Do you have any possibility to find why this is happening? There are many people from Romania unsatisfied with this and they are blaming Revolut for this problem. From their point of view, for the moment, Revolut is useless because they can’t use the Revolut card for its primary purpose: FX exchange rates.


Confirmed that Unicredit charges. The support agent told me that it’s the banks policy to do RON->EUR conversion and debit the sum in EUR, due to Revolut being in GB ( outside of Romania ).
Oddly enough, some banks don’t do it, but it also depends on Visa/Mastercard agreements.


The same happened to me last month. I’ve asked Unicredit Info Center and their initial response was:

"Va informam ca tranzactiile la care faceti referire sunt realizate catre comercianti ce opereaza in Romania, dar locatia transmisa de comerciant este pe teritoriul altui stat, motiv pentru care tranzactia se considera a fi una internationala, conform definitiilor VISA/MasterCard, si, in consecinta, decontarea se realizeaza prin moneda EUR, indiferent de modul in care se autorizeaza o suma pentru care comerciantul emite sau nu factura. Modul de decontare a tranzactiilor efectuate cu cardul se supune "Conditiilor generale de utilizare “.”

Google translated:
"We inform you that the transactions you refer to are made to merchants operating in Romania, but the location of the merchant is on the territory of another state, which is why the transaction is considered to be an international one according to the VISA / MasterCard definitions and, consequently, settlement is done through the EUR currency, regardless of how an amount for which the merchant issues or not invoices is authorized. The settlement of transactions made with the card is subject to the “General Terms of Use”.

After that, I’ve raised a ticket/complain to them which is now under investigation.

That is really sad, that is no reason to use Revolut anymore under these circumstances.


How about sending money to Transferwise, then topup Revolut account from Transferwise card?


Some Romanian banks do that when toping up Revolut. Here is a list I compiled from different threads on this topic:

Good ones, no conversion: Libra, ING, BT, Raiffeisen, BCR.
Bad ones, double conversion: Intesa, Bancpost, BRD, OTP, UniCredit, Garanti, Alpha, Telekom?, Idea, Piraeus, CEC.


I put Telekom Bank with a question mark, as I read different reports about it, some ppl claimed the double conversion, but there was also someone that reported it working as expected.


Hi Andreas, I am trying to get support on the last 3 days in regards, to my currency exchanmnge. I am not getting any answers to my question. I have top up my account and exchange local CHF for EUR. where did my EUR gone. as I am top up on my credit card. I expected to see EUR on my revolut account but they not there. where they gone? Regards,



Did anybody solved the problem?
I have the same issue with my unicredit card in RON, charging in EUR.
Is not braking any law or something?
Is not logic that Revolut asks for 100 RON, Revolut gets 100 RON, and I pay 102.31RON.
Who gets the 2.31 RON? I guess Unicredit, but on which base? Is like stealing.