Double charging


I have found when use my card in the USA in a restaurant for example and the bill is say $50 and I add a $10 tip. Sometimes I am charged $50 and a few days later another $60. Then 10 days later the $50 is refunded to my account.

Only happens when I use Revolut and not other cards.

Do you have any plans to resolve this irregularity?



Some restaurants, notably in the United States, pre-authorise your Revolut card with the total amount for you bill, for example $40. When you have signed the receipt and decided whether you would like to leave a tip, they finish the transaction by either finalising the sale or adding a tip then finalising the sale.

If you add a tip, a second charge including the tip may appear on your Revolut account - for example $47.50. This will appear in your transaction history as a double charge until the merchant cancels the pre-authorisation. This can take up to 10 working days to be credited back to your available balance.


That’s exactly what’s happening.

Why though does it only happen when using Revolut and not if I use a regular bank card?


That’s because Revolut rely on a prepaid MasterCard and not a classic “direct debit/credit” card issued from your bank. :slight_smile: