Double charged for same authorization

I had an unknown debit in my revolut account and contacted support about it. They were able to find out it was a charge for an authorization from 14/03 and that it had already been charged back then.

So, how can a merchant charge twice for the same authorization, with said authorization being from 70 days ago? It wasn’t even the same amount, this latest one was slightly more

Doesn’t an authorization expire after 10 days? Not to mention this authorization had already been paid back in march…

So double charge for same authorization, with the second charge coming 70 days after the authorization was placed, which is 60 after it supposedly expired.

It seems revolut should have never let the second charge go through

Same issue here:
double charged 1600€ payment from one virtual card payment.
One went through (ok cool) the other, which should be canceled and refunded since never claimed by business owner, is still pending (it’s been 16days now)
I have no idea how to reach out to them as the chat is not working (and never really did) on my phone

I’m having a lot of fun having an account at currently 0€ that I had to top up to rebalance to non negative because of this mess-up on revolut side.
Don’t really (and can’t really) wait 50 extra days for this amount of money to come back…

I’ve been charged three times for the same one tfl contactless return journey taken on Monday. Has this ever happened and will it correct itself? My tfl account is showing it as one journey so I wonder why the error is coming from revotlut’s side?