Double charged by Taxi

Used the card to pay for a cab in Kyoto yesterday. The cab driver said the charge went not through the first time (using PIN). The second time he swiped the card and had me sign the ticket.

I had no internet so could not verify if what he said was correct or not but sure enough was back at the hotel I could see I was charged twice.

Both are shown as pending at this time. What should I do? Will this solve itself once the charges go from pending to complete? As I understand I have no ability to report these transactions to revolut…

I have no clue how I should call the taxi company and start to explain this problem…

If possible calling the company would certainly not be a bad idea.

Pending means it is reserved/blocked for the time being but has not been actually withdrawn. If it switches to complete and the taxi company does not refund it you’d need to initiate a chargeback for one of the amounts (probably the second one, but I am not sure if it matters and if PIN tops magstrip or vice versa).

But I’d definitely call the company - if possible of course.

For similar cases in the future, it is a good idea to ask for the receipt where it states that the transaction failed.

I totally agree. Unfortunately, I’m a bit lost in translation.

I usually always ask for the receipt but as I don’t understand a letter of written or spoken Japanese I didn’t care to ask in this case. (Which turned out to be wrong)

Maybe I should ask my hotel to call the taxi company. Most people I’ve met in Japan speak limited English which makes it very hard to explain things like this.

Thanks for your reply!

Ohh, in that case calling might not be an option.

I’d wait and check how the additional transaction turns out and if it goes through I’d file for a chargeback.

@AndreasK/@JessicaZ, would it be better to dispute the first (PIN) transaction or the second (magstripe) one?

A pending transaction is a payment which has been authorised but is still waiting for the merchant’s confirmation or reversal. The merchant has 7 days to either claim or cancel the payment.

Sometimes a declined transaction might appear as pending. The funds will be automatically returned to your available balance after 7 days in this case.

Please monitor the transactions and reach out to our in-app support team if they’re both charged.


OK thank you Jessica, I will monitor the transactions and see what happens.

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@JessicaZ One of the 2 taxi transactions has been confirmed, the other one is still pending. Both are from 7 April, it has been more than 7 days but the pending transaction is still there and the funds haven’t been returned.



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Hi there. Could you please send me a direct message?