double charge

I have been overcharged a number of times by TFL so they have asked me to send in a statement to correct. I print out the statement but these charges do not show on the export (they do in the app). What is going on? Currently about £60 down, NOT happy

You have not been overcharged. Funds will be credited back to your account. TFL works in a specific way with Revolut. Please take time to get familiar with Revolut’s service by reading the FAQ and Revolut’s web, blog and community contents.

Hi, Expatier
A link to said details about how revolut and TFL “works a specific way” would be useful. Or an idea as to how long it takes for the money to come back?

Here it is:

Also, check official informations about this on TFL’s website. This is not related to Revolut, it affects all contactless credit cards.

Concerning statements: only completed transfers show up on statements. (“Pending” transactions do not.)

how you deal with double charge from airlines, whom to contact to get money back?

Are both of the transactions showing as ‘Completed’ or is one (or both) of them ‘Pending’ ?