Double charge to start, not nice. impossible to add cards


(1) what is going on, joining in with 20GBP and presto getting a double charge, please cancel the second one.

(2) can only use my UK card in, cannot enter my French card. so what’s the purpose? from time to time i need to send money to my student children in the UK or in France across currencies. I thought I could chose the card I am charging money from and choose who to send to. If not the case, is useless to me. Please let me know if I should close my account




Hi there.

Nothing to worry about.

  1. To transfer any of our supported 26 currencies to your bank account, tap the pink button on the main navigation screen in the app. Select ‘To bank account’ and tap ‘Add a new beneficiary’. Add your bank details, then you can simply enter the amount, currency and hit send.

Transfers to a UK bank account take a few hours if you have activated your personal GBP account. If not, your transfer should take 1-2 working days. International transfers take up to 5 working days.

  1. Of course you can top up your account with a French card. If you’re facing an issue please reach out our in-app support team.


Andreas K.