Don't receive my salary from my company



I am working in London and I gave to my company my account number and my sort code in order to receive my salary.

I did not receive my salary yet, is this because I didn’t gave the “SWIFT” informations ? How can I do to know if I have to give my “local” informations or the “SWIFT” informations ?

Thank you for your help,



Should be fine , no need for swift.
When you salary was expected-how much time elapsed?


Thank you for your response!

No need for swift even if the company use the “SWIFT” platform to do their transfer ? (I dont know but in case of)

The salary has been sent yesterday, but on the Revolut app they said that a transfer take like 4 hours to arrive (and my company said me the same thing)


I would escalate this with Revolut team.
They can see things,and speed them up.
Either on support chat or twitter/facebook
In support chat ask ritabot for : Live agent.
If no response in chat,then state your concerns anyway. Support staff will catch up with your message later.

Hope you get it sorted :+1:


Thank you very much ! Where can I find ‘Live agent’ please ?

Thank you so much for your help


In in-app support you have to type live agent


Yes :+1:
Good luck :slight_smile: .