Don't Accept my debit card


Good afternoon, I’m in trouble with revolut top up. Last week I tried to make a top up with my debit card and it worked. Today is not accepted. I deleted the card and tried to put the card in the system again but it doesn’t work. I tried to solve it with revolut team but it failed . I already updated the application and all the same…
The card was ordered with an error in my name: Vargad and not Vargas, but they told me that this was not the problem.
Someone can help me?


Same problem here. Although it was working just fine three weeks ago, now it doesn’t. The support team said that it’s declined by my bank. I talked with my bank and I haven’t got any answer yet…


Yesterday I spent the day, talking with some backup worker, that
which in no way helped me. Asked for photographs, print screens, my time…lots of time … stayed from 12 to 18pm speaking with the guy. He said he would report to his superiors and someone would contact me.
This morning, I asked for news, and another colleague told me that the problem was if my bank.
And I ask, so many hours to tell me this ?! terrible. breach of trust.


Hello @SVargas,

I’m really sorry about this miscommunication. I have double checked it for you, please follow Karolina’s advice.


Andreas K