Done up like a kipper!


That’s how I feel about signing up for a premium Revolut account at 6.99 per month for a 12 month contract. Cryptocurrency support is what I signed up for, however I can do nothing with it once I’ve bought it, thus the account is useless to me, it has no features I can use, all i ask is that the account can receive or send BTC. Also the debit card doesn’t work which is like another kick in the teeth. £69 for nothing, could have given that to charity instead.


Hi there.

Thanks for your feedback.

We’ll be gradually rolling it out to all our users over the next weeks for smother transition. Unfortunately, due to extremely high demand we’re not able speed up the process. However, you can recommend 3 friends now and get instant access.


I’m already a premium member, but I can get more features if I only recruit 3 friends? Will i get the ability to send and receive Crypto if I get 3 friends on board?


Damn I just did the same. Just bought some LiteCoin and cant do anything with them!! This isn’t crypto currency. How am I supposed to spend or transfer the coins I’ve just bought?!!

Didn’t realise it was a 12 month contract! Feel totally shafted. Is there any kind of cooling off period so I can cancel?


Ok so there is a cooling off period. I contacted support using the in-app chat and they’ve switched me back to a standard free account.


If you’re a premium user, you don’t need to invite 3 friends, as this feature is already active for you.


Wait, the ability to send/receive cryptocurrencies is active for premium users? I was under the impression that premium users could buy/sell cryptos, but were unable to send/receive to external wallets just like everyone else?

OP is aware that as a premium user he can buy BTC - he stated that that’s why he signed up. He is asking about the ability to send/receive, which as far as I am aware is not possible (please do correct me if I’m wrong).

What about the debit card doesn’t work? I’ve never had any problems with mine? Or do you mean it doesn’t work with cryptocurrencies?


I feel completely stitched up too. What a waste of £72. Bought £1000 of Ethereum today with the intention of using it to purchase some other coins… only to find it’s in a fricken walled garden.

So pissed off that this wasn’t made clear before signing up.


I guess it’s written in FAQ and T&C.
And also here…

When I upgraded for premium I did a small research and already knew what I’m doing. So I’m not complaining about this. (I’m complaining about the “soon” benefits)