Donation - Ukraine

Please make a donation option for Ukraine through Revolut app. Thank you.


It’s terrible what’s going on there. I watched the news and I sympathize with people. In general, I think that in the 21st century such situations should not occur.


I sympathize with ALL humans going through something similar, I just wonder if R has something similar for the Polish-Belarusian border, so we can help and donate both causes?

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I know the implementation can’t be that quick. But I think it what @trga and @powellaxe
said should be considered. It’s tough for every living souls in the country right now! Pray for Ukraine.

I am actually in Ukraine. I have few friends who wanted to send some money to Ukraine, but they couldn’t. I tried registering an account and realized that Ukraine wasn’t on the list. I think something should be done about this. All our local bank cards have been blocked due to Russian cyberattack (No withdrawals, no transfers). Only those with international cards have access.

The National Bank of Ukraine has decided to open a special fundraising account to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Could Revolut make these donations free of fees, please?


That would go a long way :pray:t5:

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Ok, we got one. Let’s help

In France you do not have Red Cross in Revolut it does provide help but you need to go through their website. Would be nice to add it.
UPDATE : It’s now available

I got report on local forum, that revolut did impose currency exchange fee when donating to army official donation page (below), even when there is option to pay in EUR and payment in eur was choosed. Funds were converted to uah unnecessary. Not good !

I cannot confirm this!

To check this, I did a transfer to the account in question in EUR myself. Revolut did not apply exchange and Revolut did not charge any fees for this transfer.

Okey… To verify this myself I did try to donate myself (using Revolut VISA), did choose EUR, but payment was automatically shown in UAH… so, no idea.

@Frank: did you used mastercard or visa?

I did a regular bank transfer.

With card payments, it’s the merchant that determines the currency! The bank just processes whatever comes in.

hmm, I dont understand how merchant can change currency if there is clearly marked option to pay in EUR. :grimacing:

Faulty implementation, technical difficulties of the payment processor. No idea.

An upgrade to the idea.

It would be great if there was an option through the Revolut app to donate cryptocurrency directly to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine as well as Ukrainian civilians.

Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine started the initiative called Aid For Ukraine:

Aid For Ukraine is cooperating with the cryptocurrency exchange FTX which converts crypto funds received into fiat and sends the donations to the National Bank of Ukraine. This marks the first-ever instance of a cryptocurrency exchange directly cooperating with a public financial entity to provide a conduit for crypto donations.

Maybe Revolut could integrate with this service so that Revolut users can donate cryptocurrency directly (the ones that are supported) through the Donation module in the app.

Dont use red cross, please
They are so slow and bad in their job

A very terrible situation that should not be!