Don’t rely on Revolut in Nepal

I got it to work twice at the Everest Bank and got not bad rates then the bank stopped recognising the card. I must have tried around 20 different banks and the only one I could get to work was Himalayan Bank and it charged 500 rupees. I am finding Revolut very variable-and not a repliable source of cash. The help centre are also extremely slow to reply.

@Eileenmcd - Did you used visa or mastercard?

p.s. There is some info regarding Nepal and card use -

I was using MasterCard. I actually read your blog when I was in Nepal. I was only trying to use my Revolut card, as my other bank charges are high. I originally used Everest Bank as I read on this forum that bank and two others give free withdrawals for Revolut. It worked for two withdrawals and then stopped recognising my card. I must have tried 5+ Everest ATMs. I then tried the other two banks and they also didn’t recognise my card. It might be because some don’t accept MasterCard, I don’t know. I must have tried around 15-20 different companies, albeit I don’t think I tried the one you mention as I didn’t see their ATM anywhere (I wasn’t staying in Thamel), and eventually got Himalayan Bank to work. One time I was forced to use my other bank card, and I noticed on a machine that rejected Revolut (MasterCard) accepted m yother bank card (Visa). But from memory I don’t think it was because they didn’t accept MasterCard. Overall, using Revolut was very difficult in Nepal, it seemed to suddenly stop working and next time I am home I am going to look into more stable options for this part of the world. The support are also take a long time to get back and are pretty much useless. I am not so impressed.