Domestic BIN?

Is the domestic bins for virtual cards is no more supported? Yesterday I made new virtual VISA card and it says it is with UK BIN. The strange thing is that spotify accept it as it is with my country BIN .

It might have a country range on it - which means character 7 and 8 are used to narrow you down country wise rather than just the BIN

@Recchan Can you give me a site where to check if there is, because here I check all first 8 characters and it still say country UK. My previous virtual card was master card, and with 8 character check it showed my country…

I’ve just created a virtual card. It would only allow me to create a VISA card (used to be Mastercard). According to online BIN checkers it is a UK-based card. I already have a physical VISA card with a UK BIN, so I guess their VISAs are all UK-issued, or does anyone have a local VISA?

Someone to have answer why new virtual cards are not with local BIN? We now start to having problems with apple payments in stores “Invalid Card Number”. With virtual cards with local BIN we don’t have the same problem