Dollars Néo-Zélandais sur compte Revolut



Je cherche à transférer des dollars Néo-Zélandais, d’un banque Néo-Zélandaise donc, sur mon compte revolut. J’ai donc créer un compte Revolut en NZ$, mais lorsque je souhaite faire un virement de mon compte Néo-Zélandais, impossible de le faire sur le compte Revolut en NZ$, j’ai le choix de faire le virement en €, £ et quelques autres monnais seulement.

Quelqu’un dans cette situation? Des idées sur comment procéder?



Hi Benjamin.

You can top-up in NZD via bank transfer.

Tap the ‘Top up’ button, and select the currency you would like to top-up your Revolut account. The rule is that you should top-up in the currency that your bank account is held in.

Next click on the box in the middle of the screen (it will show card details if you have added a card), and select ‘Bank transfer’ from the next screen. You will be directed to a page which shows the account details you need to make a transfer to.

Please ensure the reference/description for your transfer is the 8-digit reference number highlighted in pink on this page with no other text. This will ensure that your funds go straight into your account. If you forget to use this reference, please message our in-app support team.


Hi Jessica,

the thing is that my Revolut account is in NZ$, and when I have to select
the currency for the transfert, I have the choice between 9 currencies (and
NZ$ is not include on it). Is it normal?
Why I don’t have choice between 150 currencies on this step of the