Dollar Transfer

I have cashed in shares in the usa in dollars and want put in my account can I then transfer to pounds and put in my uk bank account

Hello @Lisbon67,

You can top up your account with USD via a bank transfer and then exchange it to GBP and transfer it to your UK bank account.

It asks for a sort code when processing the transfer from a usd account held at Chase in NY. What sort code should be used?

Hmm! Sort code or BIC? Can you clarify this with your bank?

It’s not a BIC (though they ask for that as well). They are asking for a sort code, also known as a branch code I believe. It is s 6 digit number usually formatted as 3 pairs of numbers (example 00 11 22) and it identifies both the back and branch where the account is held.

Chase notes that all UK accounts must have a sort code. I am Irish and we have the same thing in Ireland so I agree that a sort code should be obtainable to identify the branch that money is being wired to?

Any help or information is much appreciated.

Figured it out. It forms part of the IBAN and for the Lloyds bank I am paying to it is 30 80 12.

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