Doesn't work card pay with bitcoin?


today i pay small value (2 EUR) with my Revolut card in grocery shop. In card I have only bitcoin and payment was declined. In friday i pay in restaurant (20 EUR) and pay OK.

What is the minimum value for bitcoin payment?

Sorry for my bad english :slight_smile:


I don’t think you can pay with bitcoin, you have to convert it into a fiat currency.


If you’re running low of fiat currencies, the app will auto-convert your crypto balance to the currency you’re spending so the payment can go through.

Please note you can deactivate this feature by just deactivate the pocket.

Linking a card to a specific balance

I thought conversion would be done automatically as with a restaurant payment. That’s why I ask what is the minimum amount for payment in bitcoin.


I believe minimum payment is 10 EUR, maximum is 100 EUR


What does that mean and how do I enable or disable conversion of crypto into fiat so that I can spend on the card please?


Go More -> Account details and you can disable the wallet.