Does the old BARCLAYS account still work for EUR transfers?


Hi everyone,

I wanted to top-up my Revolut with EUR and noticed that Revolut has provided me with a new bank account number for top-ups. Before it was a Barclays account and now it’s a Lloyds. My last transfer was on Dec 28th 2016, so I’m not sure when the account number changed or why I wasn’t informed about it?!

If I use that old BARCGB22 account, will money still reach my Revolut account?

My problem is that for international transfers, my bank imposes some restrictions, including that I register the new account number. The problem is that I am currently travelling and can’t do this without my phone or going directly to my bank. Both aren’t possible at the moment.

Revolut really needs to highlight these changes better and give some proper notice before things change. Give customers at least 90 days warning before you make changes to how we can move our money. First it was the 200 EUR limit for free ATM usage and now this…


Hi @nevaeh,

Just me start by expressing our apologies for any miscommunication or inconvenience this may have caused you. However, we have notified all the users with an in-app message regarding this change.

We advise you to use the new bank details from now one. Probably you bank hasn’t updated their database yet.


Andreas K.


When was this information sent out?

Revolut really needs to find a better way to communicate updates and in a timely manner. A lot of the complaints stem from people not being aware that changes have been made.


I have not used Bank Transfer top up for a while. I transferred funds on Wednesday using BARCGB22 account.

Will these funds reach my Revolut account?