Does the EUR account has its own personalised IBAN which is under my name as well? (Kraken exchange related)


I wish to deposit and withdraw from Kraken exchange.

I wonder anyone has successfully deposited and withdrawn money from/to Kranken nowadays?
Is the process smooth?

Thanks very much


If you activated it, the personal EUR account appears like a proper IBAN account under your name when sending and receiving money.


Hi @Frank
Can you please develop this answer? (activate it)

I’d like to make a transfer from my bank account to my Revolut Account but my bank asks me to prove that the Revolut account is under my name.
All I can see from the IBAN details in the Revolut App doesn’t have my name on it but only a Reference that will lead to my account.

I’d be grateful if you could give me the details that enable how to show the IBAN details under my name.


You should be able to activate personal IBAN if you already verify your account. If it is done, go to list of your accounts (more->profile->account data (or similar)->tap EUR). and you should have two tabs, Local and SWIFT. Local is registered to you (REVOGCXX BIC)


@ozonosphere when it shows your name under “Beneficiary”, your personal IBAN is active.


I tried to deposit from Revolut to Kraken but I can’t. Revolut blocks the transaction. Nice job Revolut!


Please activate your personal EUR IBAN first.