Does support chat work at all?



It has already been three days since I posted a question regarding verifying my credit card and have received no answer?

Is support chat currently working at all?


Hi! The feature is working, it’s just that they’re usually very busy. I recommend reaching support on Twitter (@RevolutApp) or on Facebook: :slight_smile:


A general post for Revolut , what about your valued customers that don’t use twitter or Facebook, how are you ensuring you reach out to them? I was sold a product with 24/5 support but I have seen little evidence that such support exists! In fact I have seen little evidence that any support actually exists.


Hey guys, we are extremely sorry for the delay. It is our top priority to minimise wait time and ensure we get back to users asap. We are doing all we can help the situation and cut down drastically on response time!


This is not live chat but async communication. Drop a message and sleep on it for a few hours. Issue will eventually be solved sith several hours between exchanges. Got used to it eventually but email would be more appropriate means of communication.


I’ve never managed to get it to work!

Everyone says try twitter/Facebook, but then what’s the point of the in app chat?!


I think that a request expires after 24 h or so in the in-app support chat, that’s why they sometimes never get back to you there. Revolut is working on fixing it though! :slight_smile:


I’m sure they are. I’ve tried to engage with them several times, but the live chat appears to be constantly offline. If requests for help expire without any input or resolution after 24hrs then that’s not great, and does little to improve the image of lack of customer support.

Before they push on with different new fancy products, why not concentrate on getting this fixed first?

I’ve had enough anyway and have signed up with Starling. Their customer service so far has been too draw and with the same exchange rates and limitless withdrawals overseas, I’m off there. Shame as Revolut could have been great.


My account has been blocked and I’ve been waiting for 5 hours for any sign of life on the chat! I don’t have twitter or Facebook! This is an appalling service! I’m leaving the country on Saturday and need this sorted before then like :triumph:


misuse of the word chat for sure - message us might be more appropriate