Does Revolut work?


How do I get a physical card please? I have been signed up for 3 weeks and none arrived. Live agent hasn’t responded despite me trying for over 50 hours. App won’t let me order replacement as it wants me to pay for an additional one. So no card, live agent is rubbish and app isn’t designed to help address the problem. Advice please. Not impressed at the moment.


Hi Jethro
At the risk of stating the obvious I guess you have already ordered one?


Hi Tony,

It is always good to start with the obvious and thanks for trying to help.

I ordered one 3 weeks ago. Now my app doesn’t seem to recognise that. If I go to physical card the only option I get is to pay and obtain an additional one. I checked in faq and the advice there cannot be implemented (unless of course I am missing the obvious) as I cannot find an option to say it is lost or stolen and to order a replacement.


Ok Jethro.

It’s worth trying to contact them via Twitter.
Alternatively @AndreasK can often work wonders so we’ll try that too😄


Hi Tony, I have sent Andreas a note. Thank you again.


Not working really bad company… no bady help you just keeping your money…

I have make payments I have verified account I received money and they blocked my account!!!


Yes Revolut does work - from my perspective it works great. However customer support has not kept pace with the dramatic increase in user numbers and this is without doubt the biggest drawback at the moment.

Not aiming this comment at anyone relating to this thread but many of the reasons for people encountering problems could perhaps be avoided if newcomers took the trouble to read and understand the help/ faq section before relying on Revolut for critical travel/salary transfer operations.


Tell me @TonyP I was verified account… I received money yesterday night I know money arrive late take 3 hours… today is I need make payments I will create virtual card and account has been blocked… tell me now working good or bad?


Hi Tony, you make a fair point. Which I know was a general one and not aimed at anyone personally.

However, it says both good and bad about a company when their customers are more responsive than their customer support.

I agree, Revolut is great in concept and when things work. I am yet to be convinced it is good in practice, especially in the real world, dealing with real people and real issues. A great idea captures the imagination, yet a great company accepts customers with all their practical human weaknesses.

Revolut customer support needs to improve dramatically. That, to me, is the core issue here.


I do not disagree with you.


Working good, it all comes down to how one builds trust.

By your description you have opened an account, suddenly had a lump of money sent to your account and then straight away ordered a virtual card? If that is the case probably all the warninglights at revolut goes of.

What you should have done is this: open account, try a small top-up, order your card, get verified by scanning id etc, await card arrival. Use the card at an atm, try using it at a store somewhere, make a few more smaller top-ups.

Eventually you will arrive at 30 000 euro top-up limit and have a good user experience.


So going back to my original post I am pleased to report that my issue has been resolved. Thank you again TonyP for your help.

Some of the issue was of my own making and some was down to Revolut. This is often the case, it is seldom all one way.

Notwithstanding all that, the response took more than 60 hours, and I am left with the feeling that Revolut has not yet revolutionised banking in one area it is most needed - customer service.

I would suggest that blaming customers for errors (however caused) is not a substitute for a responsive customer service.

Time will tell with Revolut and I still hope for the best.

Thanks to all.


Good result Jethro👍
Glad it’s sorted.