Does Revolut work in Ethiopia?

Anyone with experience of trying Revolut in Ethiopia…?

Hi, just wondering whether you could share your experience. I’ll be traveling to Ethiopia soon and was hoping to use my Revolut card there.


Hi! How did it work in the end? I’m travelling next week…


Good morning.

Any news on Revolut working in Ethiopia?

Yes, worked with no issues last July of this year (2019). Especially useful for withdrawing small Birr amounts, but CC acceptance in general is very poor in the country, so don’t rely on paying for anything directly with the card.
On a general note, taking Euro or US cash and exchanging locally (or paying for services in these currencies directly) worked out more favorably for me. Happy travels!

Also, be sure to unblock the card before arrival, as when I went the internet was down for days, so the app didn’t work of course.

Yes it works perfectly! :grin: