Does Revolut work in Cuba

Hi all, please let me know if Revolut works in Cuba??



Hey @CraigOB90 :slight_smile:

Please check this :wink:



I went with Revolut when I went to Cuba in September 2019 and it was a nightmare. Neither my wife nor I could top up our accounts whilst there. We could withdraw money but the balance would not update, as soon as we left it then worked. So to anyone who is looking to use Revolut i would advise you to avoid it in Cuba.


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I believe balance can only update if/when there is some internet connection (wifi, or mobile internet). In Cuba internet is probably very hard to find/expensive.

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Thank you moon, I was connected to wifi. I am aware of how Revolut works. Just to be clear, competitor cards worked.

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PayPal is not available on Cuba. Did you notice that? On the island of Cuba different rules apply for many things.

When we checked out our Habana hostel a family next to us lost all the time we waited for our driver because the lady at the desk called the credit card company to check if the card was legit. That took forever. :man_shrugging:t3:

It’s the only destination where I totally relied on cash.

Internet isn’t uncensored there. Revolut may not be allowed. As is GPS.

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Yeah Revolut was completely blocked so used a competitor. Was only there for three days but just wanted to give others a heads up.


Why shouldn’t GPS not work? Cuba can not block those 32 satellites in orbit. :nerd_face:

Did you try with VPN and to connect to some european country?

Probably some internet service are blocked there, like in China for example, but when you connect to VPN - everything works again!

It’s not allowed.
You could get into trouble easily.

Not allowed for tourists or for locals?

It is not allowed at all because it’s US-made.

Nobody touches my iPhone. :fist_left:


Ever been to the USofA? :rofl::rofl::rofl:

So many times I can’t even count it anymore.

I rather hang out in Japan. :sweat_smile: