Does Revolut Work in Bali Indonesia and Kuala Lumpur?


Does Revolut Work in Bali Indonesia and Kuala Lumpur? What ATMs are best in each country?


Absolutly dude… in Indonesia just using BCA ATM or Bank Mandiri…
it’s working fine so far for me…

Using VISA in Bali

Are they free of charge these banks?


no 0% fee for BCA ATM and Bank Mandiri.


Thank you foe letting me know


BRI bank also zero fee


Card been declined and can’t use contactless, PIN nor signature where are the support team???


Sorry this is happening in Jakarta, indonesia !!


Hello @IB63,

As I can see your Revolut is currently blocked. Please unblock your card from the card section of the app.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

Have a great day.


Andreas K


Dear Andreas

I will try using Revolut Card tomorrow morning (Jakarta time) and will let you know, many thanks.

Kind regards
Isla Bridgwood


Tried at these banks and the atm was not ablt to give me cash, do I have to activate something on my accout appart form ATM withdrawals?