Does Revolut suits me? How does it work?

Hello, I am a new user who is still not 100% sure how Revolut works and if it is what I need, so I will seperate my questions in 2 main topics.

First Topic
I am a EU citizen/resident and I plan to move to the US for studies in August for the next years. I was thinking what is the best way to move some money from my EU bank account to the US to use for the first 2 months (I will get paid after September by the university). Usually, what most people do is withdraw cash from their bank account, exchange it in some local exchange “shop” to dollars and then after they set up a bank account in the US they move the rest directly from their EU bank account. As you can understand, both parts of this process are awful because of the bad exchange rates and fees that banks and these exchange shops charge.

So, it seems that Revolut is a good option to avoid this, since I can top up in EU from my bank account, then convert it to USD within the app and finally when I arrive in the US just use my card and pay from there (having some cash for back up, though). Are all these correct or am I missing something? Will I be able ot use my card in the US normally anywhere that they have a POS etc? Or is there any other better way for my case?

Also, since I will be visiting my home in EU at least 2 times/year I think Revolut will be useful in converting money the other way, too, which is a big plus.

Second Topic
So, except from that, I would also like to ask about what is the difference of having a personal account, like in GBP or EU, with your own IBAN/acount number or having the pooled account like in the rest currencies, including USD. What are the gains/advantages? I thought it was just the fact that you can be paid in your personal accounts by employer like a normal bank account, but according to the FAQ/help section of the site, you can be paid in other currencies, as well (USD, GBP, EUR, PLN, CHF, DKK, NOK, SEK, RON, SGD, HKD, AUD, NZD, TRY, ILS, AED, CAD, HUF, INR, JPY, MAD, CZK, QAR, THB, and ZAR, to be more specific). Will I still be able to be paid in USD from my university when I am there? And if yes, will I have to pay SWIFT international fees because the USD account is not local?

And in continuation of this, when Revolut finally starts in the US, will any issues mentioned above get resolved?

I know there are a lot of questions, but if anyone (especially from the stuff) can address them I would be greatful. Thank you in advance.