Does Revolut Phone Insurance Cover Theft?

Hi there. My phone was stolen and I was quite sure I am insured against theft until I checked the simpleinsurance website. Apparently, phone theft protection is an ‘additional option’… But I don’t remember Revolut offering me any additional options. However, I know they will cover ‘third-party damage’ - is theft included in that?

Hey @eveliut :slight_smile:

No, it’s not covered at all, unfortunately :frowning:

We haven’t included loss or theft as we don’t believe it provides good value for our customers for the following reasons:

  • Apps such as Find-my-iPhone allow customers to completely lock their device, which means that genuine Loss/Theft cases are now very rare.
  • There are a lot of fraudulent claims for Loss/Theft which are hard to prevent. This means that genuine customers are forced to pay very high prices for loss/theft insurance.
  • The user experience is complex and inconvenient, with trips to a police station required.


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I went to the police and have all the required paperwork. I locked the phone via Find My Phone - I guess the person who has it can now only sell it for parts?

I will probably use a different insurance company in the future.

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Not to revive a dead thread but honestly you should read any insurance documents before you sign them :slight_smile: