Does Revolut Card support Android Pay?


Tried in Ireland and it didn’t work for me :confused:


Same question! Does maestro works as mastercard in every nfc terminal?


My bad, had to turn on online payments


Added my MC (UK) to G Pay and it’s working; VISA doesn’t work yet.


I don’t know actually. I actually think it won’t, and most certainly not at offline terminals, but Revolut cards are not accepted at offline terminals anyway. It would be impossible to test for me though, because in the Netherlands there are no Mastercard only terminals. There are many Maestro/V Pay only terminals though.

To be clear: I don’t have a Maestro card linked to my Revolut account, only an old Mastercard and a Visa card, so I’m really puzzled why it has the picture of a Maestro card in Google Pay, even though it does say Mastercard under the virtual account number.

Did you get a Maestro card in Google Pay as well? Or anyone else maybe?


So if I get Google Pay via APKmirror (trustworthy?) or VPN service(?) I should be able to add my :austria: Revolut card although Google Pay hasn’t launched here? Next problem: my physical and virtual cards are from VISA. :frowning:


Yes, I get a maestro card too. But you know what, the gpay system change the card type and gives you a new card for safety reasons.

If you have a second android phone you can check that using any app that recognize nfc payment cards. I don’t have a second phone, so I don’t know if the virtual google pay ‘‘card’’ it’s still a maestro or a mastercard.



I tried Google Pay with APK in :switzerland: I was able to add my Revolut card although Google Pay has not launched here either. But it doesn’t look like a Revolut Card, and I can’t use it.


Read Dephibio’s post above yours and you’ll know why.


I think this is just a loophole that will soon be patched.


My card in G Pay


This smells like IBAN discrimination. Again: F*** GooglePay/ApplePay/Masterpass.



It’s working flawlessly in Slovenia!


Do you have classic or premium MC?

I’ve tried with the premium one, also address in NL (the payment address and the card adress both in NL - fictive) and is still showing as black MC.

My regular MC was terminated to be able to order a visa one :man_facepalming: But if it’s working then I’ll give up the black one while traveling in BeNeLux


My MC is just a classic one. Just bought myself a pint using G Pay and it worked fine.


Well, I tried few times this card and something went wrong… now I can’t put it at all in my account.
I really need to find a way to get a Maestro StoneAge payment method :))


First payment done on my LG watch sport. I added my card into OS wear into Google pay without any problem.




I can confirm it works in the UK, with a standard MasterCard.

So chuffed!