Does Revolut Card support Android Pay?


Lack of Revolut:

My F5 is burning :fire: :joy::rofl:


In DE the ING is not supported. :thinking:
But seriously… I do not need GPay that much.


In Poland they’ve introduced their own HCE, then (after a few months- Google Pay)


Just FYI, when N26 launched Google Pay it took about a week for the Google Pay website to be updated. We’ll very likely hear from Revolut before we see an update there.

Also, Google Pay for me is mostly handy for amounts above €30. Super handy, no PIN needed. Also, it’s just generally more secure thanks to tokenisation.


On the German Google Pay page it says “coming soon”, but I still can’t wait D:

I would not be so impatient if Revolut did not constantly announce things that are months or even years away.


That is true, but Revolut doesnt support Google Pay right now.
You can not add the card to Google Pay. (tried again 04.07.2018)


100% this. Sure, I wanted Google Pay before they said anything, but the constant “soon” and “very soon” hypes things up, and then giving a specific date just pushes that even further. If they just said “We’re working on it, no ETA” then I wouldn’t be anywhere near as impatient.


Like Google?

In three years 19 countries… amazing… why can’t they launch their service in whole Europe and let banks join if they want to? Ridiculous. Maybe Revolut shoud implement HCE in their app and f*** Apple/Google like other banks do.


My biggest problem will be the following:
Not everyone using revolut will (probably) be able to use Google Pay. Only the ones who live in countries supported by Google Pay.

For example, N26 launched for Germany and couple other countries, Google Pay. I have N26 and, although my bank is German, I can’t use Google Pay because I live in Portugal.

So, if Revolut launches Google Pay support, only a few countries will be able to use, not all revolut useres, which is really a shame…


It looks strange, because I live in Hungary all the time, but I used my Russian cards (Russian banks) around the world (by google pay or samsung pay).


Where your card issued is the thing.


Exactly, I am using Boon via Apple Pay in Czech republic


I don’t think that’s how it works… for example, N26 supported Apple Pay for a while, and I’ve tried to add my card to Apple Pay and it didn’t allowed me. Reason: my account address is a Portuguese address. If I had, for example, made the account using a address in France, I would be able to use.
I just tried to use N26 using Google Pay and it said that wasn’t supported in my country. I think it’s all related to where is you account address…


Sure. I guess that’s always related to the residency – as :r: is.


Great news! I’ve just successfully added my Revolut card to Google Pay. I had no occasion to pay, so I haven’t tested any transactions yet, but the card is in my GP wallet :grinning:


Yes, I’ve successfully added it too. Interesting to see if it works ok :smiley:


Just added my MasterCard and tested it. All working! :grin:

Doesn’t seem to support Visa cards yet though.

Edit: should probably mention I’m in Ireland.


Works at


I have also been able to add my Revolut Mastercard to Google Pay. The strange thing is that the card shows as Maestro in Google Pay eventhough it is a Mastercard. I’m living in the Netherlands, so it would be great if it would be accepted everywhere Maestro is accepted, since Mastercard acceptance is limited. I haven’t been able to test just yet though.

Optional maestro card

Mastercard with Google Pay works in Romania too.