Does Revolut Card support Android Pay?


They said it’s going to be released soon. No need to nag them every 6 months.


It’s more or less official now. Google lists Revolut on its Google Pay site for Germany under banks which follow soon:


Oh… My… God… :scream: I’m so hyped :grin:


Praying it launches very soon - I’m in Canada & the USA for the next two weeks and it would be amazing to use my phone for payments through revolut


I’m tempted to try N26 just to get Android Pay!


Just wait :smiley:
It is coming soon…


I did exactly that as soon as they launched Google Pay. It’s super handy, tends to be more reliable at making a connection than my card. The N26 Android app is garbage though, and you can’t top up by card (it is supposed to be a full on bank account to fair). Still, I’ve continued using it and will until Revolut launches Google Pay.

The N26 card is pretty awesome though.


Just use glase app and enjoy the cashback


this ?


Yes, they recently changed their name to glase


Tomorrow’s the big day :wink: :selfie:


I will believe if I see it :wink: (biblical unfaithful Thomas):joy::rofl:


I’ve just tried. Still doesn’t work. Maybe it’s too early…


without a announcement from Revolut?
Better wait till the evening.


Still no announcement which was promised for the 1st July.
The only thing they say is “Our team is working hard to implement NFC compatible for our cards!” but the cards already support contactless payments via NFC :thinking::joy:




they announced they’ll announce when they are ready to announce what they expected to announce.


Sorry guys :sweat_smile:
(I will still use my Revolut Card, but I want to try Google Pay and MasterPass, NOW!)


fidelity and monogamy are dead


Keep watching this page. :slight_smile: