Does Revolut Card support Android Pay?


I wouldn’t switch to Revolut as your main bank account if I were you…

Seriously don’t. You won’t have full protection compared to banks. Revolut isn’t a bank.


So not more than 9 weeks? :wink: That would sum up to somewhere around July 4th maximum


Comon Henrikbjorn, it’s been 4 months from that Denmark RevRally.
Still no NFC.
any update you have?


I am just a user waiting patiently.


Any reports of this working now? I added my Revolut card to Google Pay and after a couple of hours received a ‘Google *services’ reverted message.


It doesn’t work yet.


I can’t wait too see Revolut supporting Google Pay. I know that implementation process takes a time, but for such a small company which is highly tech based it shouldn’t take so long. C’mon guys, hurry up with Google & Apple Pay! :wink:


Kinda getting sick of seeing tweets like this, but… :crossed_fingers:? :sweat_smile:


I live in Portugal at the moment. If I enter an invalid UK fake address on Google Play in order to be able to use Google Pay, am I committing some sort of fraud crime?


Ask your/a local lawyer.


This sounds like a universally bad idea. Also, Revolut does not support Google Pay… yet.


My guess is that you’re at least violating the Google Play Store T&Cs.


Come on Revolut:

Everyone is getting google pay but Revolut… I’ve been hearing “soon” “a few weeks” since I joined in Feb this year.

How about (I know it’s crazy … but stick with me) … BE HONEST! If it’s not happening this year then say it, it’s not until Q4 than say it.


to answer your question they would need to have an actual plan


Google (or Apple) can’t even launch there services world wide … only 17 countries so far (since 2015)… but keep on complaining about Revolut. I have N26 but cannot use Google Pay because it’s not available in :austria:

What N26 cards work with Google Pay?
Every N26 card works with Google Pay. But there are restrictions depending on your country.

I would prefer working NFC/HCE implementation in the Revolut or N26 app.



It’s OFFICIAL: Google Pay and Android Pay come to Romania. Chad West, Revolut: "In the next three weeks, all users in Europe will be able to use their smartphones as a card"

In the next three weeks, all users in Europe (including Romania) will be able to use Google Pay and Android Pay, which means they can use their smartphone as a card, Chad West said. Communication at Revolut, in a special edition of ZF Live at ICEEFest 2018.

"We’re still working for Apple Pay because it’s a bit more difficult. We need to make sure that users are okay with this and that the business is good for us. We want to cover all segments. "

Android Pay and Google Pay would be available for all Android-powered phones that have the NFC feature.


@AndreasK is this also fake?


On Twitter they talked about big news in regards to paying with your phone, more info early July i think. Seems to fit.
Android Pay in Germany is also supposed to start end of June, sounds like more than a little coincidence.


I’ve tried adding to google pay again this morning and doesn’t work (I’m in the UK). Hopefully soon :slight_smile: