Does Revolut Card support Android Pay?


Really? Good to know :wink:


So you’ve got a halo on Twitter but you don’t wear one here in the forum? :wink:


and what about this, any credibility to this, for Apple Pay? :slight_smile:


You are right I need one here :innocent:


Will Revolut support CDCVM (Consumer Device Cardholder Verification Method) at Google Pay? So that I can verify me on my phone by fingerprint instead of typing my PIN into the merchant’s terminal?


Any news here? Cant wait…:slight_smile:


Still silence… @AndreasK can you share any info? How long to the end of “soon”?



Relax, dude :grin:


Come on guys why is this taking so long! I need this and to be honest wouldn’t have signed up with out this feature… Is it Googles fault or your fault its taking so long? What does it entail to do this?


Need to defend Revolut on this one. GPay will arrive when it’s ready.

This apparently is a no simple process. You know how it works- it has to be super secure and it involves generating virtual, tokenized card numbers every time you use GPay.

Polish banks, which are themselves very innovative, took their time to implement it, too.


But DiPocket uses the same background bank, and they already support Google Pay.

And: you can’t write “it’s coming really soon”, and then nothing happens for weeks. If so, then please be at least honest.



Any news on this?

I can’t wait for Google Pay support! Never take my Revolut card with me, always use it through Curve along with my Starling and Monzo - both of which are also useable on Google Pay. Yet my favourite, Revolut, isn’t!


Please don’t make me move to monese - please make it work.


Believe me, many of us are waiting for Google Pay/ Apple Pay.
At this moment it doesn’t work and there isn’t any timeframe given, still “coming soon” and “around the corner”.


I’ve had my eyes glued to this topic for a while waiting patiently but will also add to the numbers here to show Revolut the massive desire for Google Pay functionality.


I’m also a lurker in this topic, and I’d like to join the request because I see that nothing moves in this matter


I’m also waiting for Google Pay, before I will switch to Revolut as my main account.


Hey I’m waiting for Android Pay too!


Not to beat a notoriously bad at time estimates dead horse, but…