Does Revolut Card support Android Pay?


Yes, the card will remain active even when you cancel your subscription. You paid for the card and its delivery fee.


AFAIK your premium card will stop working after you cancel premium


This is not true, the card will not stop working.
(And if it did, it’s a mistake, go contact support and they will reactivate it)

The only thing I can see them fully deactivating the card is if you asked for a full refund and you don’t want the card.


Hi. I’m a new premium MC card user from Hungary and i want to use the Google Pay but for some reason i can’t. I’m able to add my card to Google Pay but GPay said: My bank doesn’t support the phone contatcless paying. But why not?
I download the Google Pay apk and install it ofcourse. So at this point I have two questions:
1, Google Pay is still in beta? And where can i sign up for beta testing?
2, Some people write in this topic he/she can use Google Pay with French os Lativia, also not supported countries. So please tell me how?
I pay 7,99 EUR for the premium account and premium MC card because i want to use the Google Pay. But i can’t and this is drive me crazy.


Hi! Currently, Google Pay is still in beta and only a few randomly selected users are able to add their MasterCard :r: cards to it :slight_smile: It should be available for everyone soon, though!


Regarding “soon” here is a feedback just received from support :slight_smile:


few months, that sounds longer than soon to me :joy:


There is no purpose to upgrade to premium in order to get Google pay. I upgraded as well in order to get a MasterCard, but the card I received couldn’t be added to Google pay as well. Signing up for beta wasn’t possible, at least that’s what support told me. Answer was that we just have to wait until it is rolled out to everyone.


This circle jerk will never end will it? Soon, around the corner, 1 months, 2 months, announcement of the announcement soon, very soon, minutes away.


@TheTruth, you are lucky as GPay is at least in testing so you can have some activity insights, what about us with Apple Pay left in the fog :slight_smile: PS Lie down/Try not to cry/Cry a lot.


I don’t understand why the hell they need to do a beta. Other companies like Monzo just launched it.


Maybe Monzo had beta also before the public launch or?


Monzo obviously had to test it too before rolling it out, it’s just that (I guess) they did an in-house beta, compared to Revolut’s public version :slight_smile:


Well, I did not had access to Google Pay with Visa, but ordered Premium for a week to get MasterCard (reason was not GPay, but my bad experience with Visa as it was not accepted everywhere) and Google Pay was working with new MC even before the card arrived.


I use it in Slovakia


I know a few users (Standard) here in :austria: who can already use Google Pay. Great that my new MasterCard (Premium) does not work. @AndreasK can you help? Please. :slight_smile:


GPay is in beta, it is allocated randomly only for some users and some cards work other no.


Beta users are from Belgium, Czech Republic, Ireland, Poland, Slovakia, Spain or United Kingdom. More countries will be coming soon.


I’m from Germany and I’ve had beta access for quite a while now.


Used it for the last 2 weeks in Greece and absolutely brilliant; completely bypassed DCC. Trying northern Europe for the next 3 weeks.