Does Netflix not accept Revolut any more?

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my brain skipped over virtual, mb

LOL and you both skipped that I had tried virtual and it didn’t work :slight_smile:

@Adam012 thank you for the idea! That is need what I have done. I’ve set up my virtual card as my PayPal card and used PayPal as Netflix payment method.

My virtual card works fine with Netflix in US.

Just wanted to confirm that I submitted successfully my revolut card as a payment method for my Netflix account.
At first it wouldn’t accept it, but then I noticed I got a notification from the Revolut app that “Online transactions” were not enabled in the settings.
After enabling that, Netflix accepted it just fine.


Having same problem here.
It worked fine and now it just returns money to my Revolut card…

Nice. That is the solution.

  • Open Revolut app
  • Open cards
  • Open Pin & Security
  • Enable “Online transaction”

Netflix doesn’t accept my Revolut Visa card. Both Netflix and Revolut customer support weren’t helpful and were basically useless.

I had the same problem, it seems that people were abusing their Revolut account to sign up multiple times for the thirty day free trial.

I have the same problem here…

I have the same problem, it says “There appears to be a problem with the payment method you are trying to use”.

I don’t see nothing to activate on line payment in the app, I think it’s always allowed.

I’ve just signed up to Revolut and I’ve tried a virtual debit card with Netflix as well.

Could it be the case that Netflix have only recently blocked Revolut cards ?

Interesting. Just been on Netflix live chat and explained the problem. They sent me a ‘secure chat’ and I updated my payment details with the virtual card and it’s accepted it and registered it as my preferred payment method.

Just need to see if it works now ?

I’ve had problems with Netflix in the past when reactivating a Netflix subscription. A formerly used card would be declined by Netflix. Does sound like a technical problem on Netflix’s side to me.

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I’m having the same problem with my revolut virtual card and can’t pay my subscription on Netflix and getting the error “There appears to be a problem with the payment method you are trying to use”. The unusual thing it’s that with this card I’m paying Disney+, PSN, Amazon Prime and to Netflix till May this year, but after I destroyed my previous virtual card and tried to updated the payment method in my Netflix account with the new one something went wrong.