Does Netflix not accept Revolut any more?

Does Netflix not accepting Revolut anymore?

I usually use my Revolut cards to pay for Netflix but today none of my cards were accepted.

Anyone with the same issue?

Worked ok for me one week ago.

Check here if your card matches your Netflix country:

If both not match then it could be the source of the issue.


Again… some made up problem. Why the hell can’t I use card from any country to pay up for service? Some made up bullshit problem, sadly.

I have set up auto payment through Revolut card. Netflix has accepted it without any issue.

OK, it seems it’s my problem.

Thank you guys!

Try ask Netflix
Why they block you money

Does it still work now? Not sure if I should sign for a virtual card.

My Netflix subscription is paid with a virtual card.

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I used both my debit card and virtual card to make payment. Netflix in US accepted both kinds of payments

My virtual card was just charged by Netflix…

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I got a new Revolut card (the last one expired) and since then, I can no longer use it to pay Netflix. Neither by using the physical or the virtual card. I tried so many times that I was blocked and had to contact their support.

I think most of you that don’t have issues, haven’t tried adding a Revolut card recently. I had also been paying with Revolut for months now, then this happens.

I found this Reddit thread that basically says that Netflix started blocking Revolut because people would use a virtual card for the 30-day trial, then delete it and use a new one to get another month for free :confused: If that’s the case, it will affect all of us legitimate users.

I got the same problem, I tried with both virtual and physical cards. I also tried Netflix France, Netflix UK, Netflix US.
Alwats the same error message.

A few people abuse the system and we all have to pay for it. Like always. Don’t hate on Netflix, hate on the people that cause this sh*t.

Interesting development. I made my last payment 10 days back. No issues.

I think it’s because Netflix has different pricing strategies in different countries. Therefore one could pretend being in a specific country (VPN) to benefit from this country (lower) prices and then pay with their credit card. Now to prevent this, They double check if your credit card is also originating from the country you pretend you are in …

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Should be no issues ,:thinking::thinking::thinking: