Does G Pay, Apple Pay etc help to avoid DCC?

I’m currently in Spain. Although I have German debit cards with Apple Pay, I happen to have a sizeable EUR balance in Revolut, so I’m trying Revolut with Apple Pay when a merchant doesn’t take Amex. All so far have a second screen after authorising the transaction via Apple Pay with an option between GBP and EUR. Very annoying.

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I had good experiences with the Ingenico type terminals in South Tirol, Italy, with GPay as well as cards directly, be it contactless, which was not supported by all implementations or chip &pin with the others. No DCC prompt.

Negative experience in East Tirol, AT, one shop used a Davinci terminal with SIX as acquirer and asked for DCC while using GPay.

All terminals with Hofer and Spar Supermarket work with GPay and don’t ask for DCC. Hofer even has advertising in front of the shops to propagate Apple Pay.

Most annoying in East Tirol and Kärnten, AT, card acceptance in general is very bad. Austria still is in the dark age of payment, many accept only Maestro if anything at all.

That wouldn’t be a big issue if Maestro cards could be added to Apple Pay again. :face_vomiting:

I’m still lucky, mine works in GPay.

But the biggest problem, although of topic here, is the if part, meaning no card acceptance at all.

Maybe “we dont accept cards” actually means “we dont pay taxes”. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


For Austria I don’t think it’s that bad. But for Italy, exactly because of this you’re obliged to carry the receipt after every consummation with you. And I guess that also helped to have the broad acceptance of cards.

I am regularly getting DCC prompts on POS terminals in Hungary for contactless (Google Pay) payments.

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That’s exactly how it is …