Does G Pay, Apple Pay etc help to avoid DCC?


Been in Greece and using G Pay abroad for the first time, so did some experimenting. G Pay or contactless card, no DCC problems. Chip 'n pin and every time had to challenge the currency choice of GBP rather than EUR. Used same outlets for both types and cards issued by 2 different banks. Non-scientific but I thought interesting.



Yes, contactless terminals don’t get the chance to read the country code before authorizing.



If you ever need another solution… Metal cards are issued in France, so they get no DCC in Euro countries either.



It’s more complex than this. They are still technically UK issued, but they’ve implemented account ranges now to identify regions. This is why you now can add it to your iTunes account. (If they would be issued in France, this would only work for French iTunes customers.)

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I’m wondering this too. I’ve seen DCC happen in Spain on a contactless Revolut card payment. The PIN had to be entered because it was over the Spanish €20 contactless limit, after which a question appeared on the card terminal asking whether to process the transaction in GBP. But with Apple Pay, the transaction amount is immediately confirmed to the card holder’s iPhone, so there might be no opportunity for DCC. Also Apple might not allow the currency and amount to be changed.

I do hope that Apple Pay and Google Pay will kill DCC.



I remember vaguely someone reporting that a Spanish contactless terminal showed a DCC prompt after tapping, without PIN. But that seems odd.