Does anyone understand the new "budget" feature?


I just installed the update on iOS and got the “budget” feature this way. Now I’m asking myself: how would you want to use that? I can’t figure out how this is useful. You create a budget and then what? What’s that budget for? Just to control that you don’t spend too much in general?

Maybe I’m too much influenced by using YNAB for some years now. :wink:


I don’t see that yet, probably still being rolled out to Android.


Looks like it. iOS has version 5.2, while Android still has 5.1


Please just allow me to add tags to my transactions, nothing else would allow me to track my ‘budget’ better :confused:


I agree that budget based on categories would make much more sense. On the other hand the currency budget is useful for me as well but I wish I could set it on a week and not just a month.


Where is that? I updated my app but I still can’t see it :frowning:


Well hidden in the “Statistics” tab.


I like that revolut added the budget feature.
But it would be really nice to create budgets for categories because a global budget for my complete account is not working in my case.

Thank you!


One more thing: It would be nice if Revolut would know about recurring payments and automatically subtract them from my budget. Until now, such things don’t integrate will with the feature…


If this evolves into something useful this can be great. Absolutely disappointed that N26 still can’t do even this half-implementation that Revolut pushed. Even though it is certainly useless right now, I like the direction.


@Manaburner do you use nYNAB? Considering they still can’t import bank transactions automatically from any European Banks in Austria/Germany I’m still on my aging YNAB and hoping it won’t fail me until I get a replacement… :-/


@gpoul I’ve been using nYNAB for over a year now and really like it. Even if they were offering to import the bank transactions, I still would not want to use that. Yes, it’s annoying to enter the stuff manually some times, but it’s doable.