Does anyone know how I can get details on a payment?


I have notices a medium sized payment to somethig called Arb Kassa in Austria. I’m not sure what that payment is supposed to be.

Does anyone know what that is or how I can get more info?

The support team is not answering my questions.



Hey @b10p :slight_smile:

What kind of details do you want?
You can get some like the location, time, local amount and so by clicking on the transaction itself…



I’m trying to figure out what company that oayment was made to. Googling “arb kassa” yields nothing useful, unfortunately.



Were you actually in Austria? I had the same thing on my credit card statement but I was indeed there. From the date and amount it looks like it was for the passes to go up Mt. Schmitten which I did on the day of the posting. Not sure if that helps you.



kassa means cash desk or cash register in Dutch. So it means ARB cash register. Not sure what the ARB stands for - Accounts Receivable Bank? Who knows. Google doesn’t give me any insight when I query ARB.