Does anybody know when Revolut would accept new users from all over the world?


I’m a Ducth/Egyptian living in Egypt at the moment and need a European bank as soon as possible. So does anybody have any idea when it is going to be accessible by all countries?
Thank youu.


If your Dutch citizen- you’re eligible to use Revolut right now.


I thought it was country of residence, rather than nationality, that determined eligibility.


He/ she lives in Egypt, but is Dutch, so IMHO he/she can use Revolut.


OK, so I am wrong, and it is nationality, not residence, that determines eligibility? Or is it a union of the two?


No. It depends on country of residence. At the moment you have to be a legal resident of an EEA country.


I’m not sure- I’ve read on this forum about many cases when somebody moves from EEA and still can use Revolut, even though he moves permanently… (But still have EEA citizenship/ passport)


You have to provide a valid EEA address, even after a move. Or keep your old address, if it’s still available.

So, for example, a British citizen resident in Australia is currently not eligible for a Revolut account. Unless he/she can provide a valid EEA address.