Does anybody know when Revolut would accept new users from all over the world?


I’m a Ducth/Egyptian living in Egypt at the moment and need a European bank as soon as possible. So does anybody have any idea when it is going to be accessible by all countries?
Thank youu.



If your Dutch citizen- you’re eligible to use Revolut right now.



I thought it was country of residence, rather than nationality, that determined eligibility.



He/ she lives in Egypt, but is Dutch, so IMHO he/she can use Revolut.



OK, so I am wrong, and it is nationality, not residence, that determines eligibility? Or is it a union of the two?



No. It depends on country of residence. At the moment you have to be a legal resident of an EEA country.

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I’m not sure- I’ve read on this forum about many cases when somebody moves from EEA and still can use Revolut, even though he moves permanently… (But still have EEA citizenship/ passport)



You have to provide a valid EEA address, even after a move. Or keep your old address, if it’s still available.

So, for example, a British citizen resident in Australia is currently not eligible for a Revolut account. Unless he/she can provide a valid EEA address.



Even though this thread is pretty old I thought I’d tl;Dr the discussion.

Revolut is only available to residences of the European Economic Area and Switzerland. Your citizenship doesn’t mean anything, you can be born in Revolut’s office and if you live in Malaysia it doesn’t make a difference.

If your parents however have an address in Revolut and you could live there if you want, relatively sure you’d be fine to put down your address for your parents as your legal residence, even if it’s an extremely grey area. After all you do have right to live there :^)

Tl;dr you can probably have a Revolut account but I’m not sure if you’re meant to have one



If all is true that was said above then I’m now genuinely thinking why the physical card types ( Visa vs Mastercard) are assigned according to the residential address?

Only due to delivery reasons?

Because let’s say I’m not citizen of EEA but temporarily I can reside there. I open a Revolut account. Then I’ll get the card. Soon after I move out from EEA.
Like this I can use Revolut without any further recourse as long as my physical/virtual cards are valid.

Am I correct with this presumption? If so, then why I cannot choose between the card types? Revolut has the same interest as me: to be able to use its services globally. Yet if having a Visa card in a country where mostly Mastercard is used / accepted then none of us is winning…

What do you think?

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Does Revolut ship the physical card outside the EEA if you have already registered with an EEA address and passport?



Yes. Just provide the shipping address when ordering the card.



Yes they do if you already have received your first card on your registered address.



I didn’t know about that. Cool feature in case you lost the card or was stolen… Thanks Revolut. :+1: