Docs needed to verify large transfer from abroad.


Have asked in chat 2 weeks ago what docs I would need to provide/what steps to take as I am expecting a number of large transfers from abroad from an inheritance.

First transfer has come in and is pending. In was promised an answer after 96 hours on this. Can someone help?


@AndreasK is the boss :sunglasses:


Inheritance: If you have inherited wealth - please upload the inheritance will and a bank statement showing the received funds along with your current balance.


Thanks. The funds would be coming (and have come in the case of the pending funds) directly from the deceased’s bank account which are being closed, so is there anything else I can use?

The will I have, so will upload this.


I would ask Someone who works for revolut. …
@AndreasK should be able to help.

I don’t have much knowledge regards inheritance .


Honestly, even though I actually like Revolut, they’d probably not be my first choice for that thing. Of course you’ll probably save money compared to using “traditional” banks, but still…


Hi there. Could you please reply to our in-app messages?


Replied this morning. Thanks for getting back to me Andreas.