Do not receive my salary...


I opened a Revolut account, added EURO and GBP currencies, received my card…
But my boss sent my salary last friday to my english account and I did not receive anything. His bank confirms that the payment has been sent, but I have no clue where my money is, it is not in my account.
What can I do ?


Not so many other options for me, too hard to open an account in a bank in London because I don’t manage to get a proof of address.
Has anyone lived the same or does anyone know what can I do…?


HI @valentin,

Of course you can receive your salary in your Revolut account. It shouldn’t be an issue as long as the account details are correct.

Please note that many UK companies use BACS payments. BACS payments take 3 working days.

In the meantime please reach me out via a direct message so I can take a closer look.


Andreas K.


@AndreasK I don’t manage to reach you out via direct message… can you help me?


Sure! I will do that for you.


Thank you. So do you know how Can I do yo receive my salary…?


Did you solve this situation? I’am going to start a new job in London, and I would like to receive my salary there. I hope that there is no problem with this



yess i solved it. actually the problem did not come directly from revolut. what happens is that usually when someone tries to send money from a “Real” bank account to revolut, the payment is not accepted by the Real bank… but in my case the payment was said to be sent whereas it was not, that is why I thought it was a Revolut pb… si the sender had to call his bank to make the payment accepted and it became all good :slight_smile:

am i clear enough?

anyway i heard that some bosses do not want to send money to revolut accounts so maybe you should check with your boss :slight_smile:


Hi! Did they have to confirm it with the bank every time they were sending you salary or was it just a one time thing? My employer has some problems as well but it’s bigger company and they deal with it somewhere higher up and i don’t think they would be too happy if they had to do it every time…
But I don’t have many other options


What account currency are we talking about? What problems does your employer have?


Hi @Luspea. Could you please clarify what you mean? Are you using the 8 digit reference number so that the funds go straight to your account?


It’s in pounds, I’m using the 8 digit number and it seems that the system/bank doesn’t want to accept it. It’s hard to tell now, on the weekend. Hopefully they will be able to figure sth out during the week