Do I need to be a business in order to enroll to Revolut Business?

Hey all!

I would like to open a joint account for myself and my friends for travelling purposes since we are sharing all the costs anyway, as well as leverage the Revoluts API. Would I be eligible for a Revolut business if it is not really for business?


you could try to get a freelancer account. it costs the same as a premium.
but keep in mind it’s a 12 months contract.

the main issue is that you have to show what’s the source of the funds

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Interesting, are you able to provide differences between personnal, business and freelance accounts ?

afaik the only difference between business accounts is how much you pay per month and how much you can top-up per month. (

also afaik the freelancer account is identical to the £25/mo start business but this special price is only available to one-man-shows. rumours say Ltd companies with a single director qualify for the freelancer account but I’ve never seen it confirmed.

with business accounts you get:

  • desktop-only web interface (
  • RESTful API using a token like on oauth2 but without the ability to have per application tokens (
  • ability to have employees with cards and users with access levels
  • physical and virtual cards
  • freeagent integration, slack integration, more to come. (
  • you decide which balances (currencies) each card will consume from
  • decent chat support… but only until 9pm
  • ability to apply for a multicurrency SWIFT-only IBAN at no extra cost… if you are patient… very… patient.
  • same rates as personal users… including the beloved weekend markup :angry:
  • an e-mail address you can complain to

but you don’t get:

  • mobile interface… but if you use your phone’s browser in desktop mode it kind of works… but VERY tiny.
  • instant notifications… but the slack bot helps to compensate this a bit
  • an API a third party could use on your behalf… yet… they seem to be working in proper oauth2