Do I have to top-up before making a payment with the virtual card?


I’ve created a virtual card and made a payment on I’ve already been credited 1 euro for this order. Do I have to top up the full amount before the order is processed fully by Amazon or can I expect some kind of money request from Revolut and ‘wait it out’?


As far as I am aware Revolut is a pre-paid card. If it doesn’t have money loaded onto it, then it should decline at the point of purchase (or at least shortly after).

I would see it like a prepay phone. Can’t use it unless there is credit on there!


It’s a prepaid card. The 1 EUR is an authorization thing. When one adds cards to accounts, they do a test transaction to see if the numbers are valid.

Amazon usually withdraws the money at the moment they shipp things (compared to the moment of your order). If your Revolut account does not have sufficient funds at that moment, the payment will be declined.