Do I have to maintain a minimum balance?

If for say I have €100.00 on my card why cant I withdraw the €100.00??

Yes. There is no minimum balance.

I wonder why Im being declined for the full amount so ? Any suggestions?? Could it be to do with exchange rates perhaps ?? Its the first time and Im within withdrawl limits

Check if you’ve declined DCC.

Exchange rate? In what currency are you trying to withdraw it?

So heres the thing . I am seemingly charged for a cash withdrawl . I wonder if this will be on every occasion or just on the 1st occasion ??

Is it possible that you’ve exceeded monthly withdrawal limit?
Look into More> Profile> Plan-Standard> ATM withdrawals (or similar, because I had to translate it :wink:)

Nope this was the first time I had tried to use the card. It was activated . I just thought if I had a balance of 40 I would be able withdraw the same. I hope Im not charged each time I use the card now

I googled irish stamp duty and came up. Seems you get charged 0.12 state duty for each cash withdrawal?


Thanks very much . This answers a lot of questions and doubts I have