Disposable Virtual Mastercard Disappeared

Is it just me. What has happened to the virtual disposable Mastercard. The ability to add has disappeared and my existing virtual disposable Mastercard facility removed :frowning: ?

I can now only add a disposable virtual Visa! Would be grateful if other Premium users could check :slight_smile:

Indeed Visa now. :man_shrugging:t3: Fine for me, too.

Mine hasn’t disappeared but has changed to a Visa. I’m absolutely sure it was a MasterCard before, I guess it must have changed last time I used it

Yes, your confirming what has happened to be. It secretly morphed over night from Mastercard to Visa, even though i had not used it !

Anyway If you delete your existing virtual disposable Visa. Are you then able to add a disposable virtual Mastercard? For me the Mastercard option has gone. Its Visa or nothing.

Support said that the card choice (Visa or Mastercard is random). I gave up in the end as that just did not make sense !

(Note: Ordinarily I would not mind, but i was trying to make a purchase on line outside of the UK and they only accept Mastercard !)

Before it was MC only for me.
I never had a choice.
Also: what modern shop accepts MC but refused Visa? :man_facepalming:t3:

MasterCard for shops in Asia. Visa not accepted in a number of outlets and ATM’s !

Also: what modern shop accepts MC but refused American Express? :wink:

Isn’t the problem that Amex charges the highest provision costs? You can’t barely pay with Amex in Germany I think. But we are drifting off topic. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Please could someone from Revolut please explain the loss of the disposable virtual MasterCard?

Strange, my virtual disposable Revolut Card is still MasterCard:

I can only make Visa ones, but I think it’s region-based? I know there’s a lot of confusion when ordering new cards which type will appear where, it has been clarified a few times but each time it gets forgotten or confused. I think Revolut are currently switching from Mastercard to Visa in the UK? Maybe the rest of thr world still uses Mastercard? Just my guess.