Disposable credit card numbers launching?

Just saw this article that apparently says Revolut will today launch disposable credit card numbers! Want!


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If that is true … :champagne:

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Hmm from the description i can’t tell what is different from normal virtual cards?

Well, a virtual card is a regular card just without being issued physically but with all associated fees. I’d assume there wont be such an issuance fee for disposable cards - that would contradict the basic idea of using it once or max a few times and then unlink it from your account.

You are correct. But won’t they still have to pay a fee to VISA to have a number activated unless they are going to rotate the numbers.

Maybe, cant tell. That of course would make the idea somewhat less attractive.

Can’t open link :frowning:
Sounds interesting :slight_smile:

I see the article was pulled. Still in google’s cache. Maybe it was a flat out lie or :crossed_fingers: they just jumped the gun by a day or two.


Thanks :+1:
Will read it now :slight_smile:

Could the downtime of Revolut’s website have anything to do with it? conspiracytheory

You never know :smiley:
Will see later :+1:

Maybe once its back up, it will have a banking licence, local bank PoP in twenty more countries, and 40 more employees in support, and monthly free :pizza: for every customer.



Don’t forget Apple Pay & Google Pay

Nay, was just a regular outage :smiley:

It will take approximately 800 years before we begin to run out of 16-digit card numbers, so we view disposable virtual cards as a sustainable, long-term solution to tackling online card fraud. And by automating this process, the customer experience is instant and stress-free,” he added.

Pretty sure we can reuse numbers after say… 200 years to be safe :sweat_smile:

Probably the Evening Standard wasn’t supposed to publish it that soon, looking forward to get that feature :+1:

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Hi! This would be a great feature, especially for those who fear placing their credit card online. In Portugal, for years, we already have such a service. Anyone can join the MBNET/MBWAY, and we can create as many “one-time-one-purchase-only” or “one-merchant-several-purchases” cards as we want. Even if they expired, there is not cost. There is a lot of other features Revolut can “learn” from MBWAY - such as “send a code to SMS to anyone, and they can go to any ATM and withdraw cash”.

Always these eager younglings :smiley:

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Yup yup yup it’s out and it’s cool :heart_eyes:


Just upgraded to 4.15. Tried to create new disposable virtual card and getting error message :(.

Hi, it’s a great feature but if I may suggest why not give that option also for non premium revolut users (for example possibility to create 2 virtual cards/month)? In Portugal we have a system that associates physical cards with a platform (MBNET). Within this platform we can create as much virtual cards as we This is completely free and without limit. We can have as much disposal virtuals cards as we want.
The feature is awsome and safe but it would be great if Revolut could give access to non-premium users :slight_smile: