Disposable cards Copy feature


Would it be possible to get a ‘copy card number’ button for disposable cards?

It would not be compromising security because of the very nature of the disposable cards. For example it would not matter that the card number remains in copy memory because it will have been used for the transaction and is no longer valid.

It would just save me time when I am online shopping on my phone not having to go backwards and forwards between Revolut app and Safari.

EDIT: you can even put it here

Provide Copy/Paste of card 16 numbers on long press
make virtual card super readable + copy/paste number

This would be very useful for normal cards as well.


That’s a hole for hacking


@elphil or mine? I don’t see how mine is?


I guess any functionality that allows for copying data is. Also disposable cards can be compromised.


I take that point and I agree that a copy feature for normal cards is daft because, that leaves an unencrypted card number on your phone. But, the disposable card feature - admittedly, I don’t actually know what Revolut do with the ‘used’ card number - would be secure since the old card is deleted and so, any card number, unencrypted or otherwise, would be secure because, it is no longer a card number.

If implemented correctly this should only be as hackable as visually seeing your card number within the app behind the secure passcode / face / Touch ID.


Until used, the disposable card is a normal card. I might create it today and cancel purchase. It will remain. So from creation to usage it is just like my MC and maestro.

The numbers afterwards are worthless – I guess – but are stored somehow because you might get a refund from a vendor.


All transaction, as I understand, work by generating a unique transaction ID, they don’t Store any part of the card number, save the last 4 digits for confirmation. Your card number is just a way to securely identify you as the holder of a bank account with a particular bank. So the unique transaction ID has all the information required for the refund.


Ok so Revolut twitter reckons that they’re looking into it…