Disposable Card - Is it even useful?


So far, I haven’t had a single successful transaction using the Disposable card, despite making around 8 attempts.

Every one has failed, either due to a pre-auth or by the vendor simply replying a few days later, saying that authorisation was denied/revoked and then asking me to provide a different card. So even when it seems to work at first it still fails (I’ve never had this issue with other cards).
This is what happened with my VPN provider today, several days after I thought the account had been paid for. So now I have no active subscription but I still need to wait for the payment to be reverted (my balance was deducted at the time of the initial transaction).

From other threads I’ve read, it seems like there might be an issue with Disposable cards now starting with 4165 (they use to start with 5xxx, I believe).

The fact that it never seems to work for me makes the hard limit of 4 (non-disposable) virtual cards more onerous.



I use it especially when I am buying something in (not only) Chinese online shops. I have never had any issue with that…