Displaying Card Balance ("Quick Balance") w/o unlocking app.


Hi there,

On my previous trips I’ve often found myself having to check my current balance on my Revolut card to ensure I’ve got enough money on it. Since opening the app & entering the pin always takes some time, I was wondering if you could implement a feature that would allow for displaying the balance right on the lock screen (similar to how AIB has done it with their app: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/oBk-26Phfi6nugXrxMz_KvaWBhLcwibnuDdVLq1rL_beALvsJp4_A9U094LK_Vwi-1Q=h900). Alternatively, a widget displaying the balance would be great too.

Thanks for considering!



Hmm I’ll get this feedback to the team to consider!


Do you have any updates on this request? :slight_smile:


a while ago I suggested to have an entry in the iOS wallet that shows the balance. I wonder why this simple option is not implemented.