Display Name

Hi it would be great to be able tag a payment/vendor with a reference name that would be used everytime you spend/withdraw money.

For example I am using my card a lot in China and the restaurants, coffee shops etc have names that don’t mean a lot days, weeks or months later. It would be good to add my own display name, and even share with other people’s display names if they set one.

An example is Shi Zhan Zi Lui, which to me is George & Dragon Pub.


@DavidRevolut is this on the roadmap?

The app allows you to add a note to each transaction, and I regularly use it for writing my own explanation. For example:

I was initially confused about this “US Agricultural Department” payment, so wrote a note to explain that it was the payment for in-flight WiFi on Delta Airlines.

Of course this is a manual process, so has to be repeated each time.