Display currencies using national locale


Hi everyone!

I’ve been using Revolut for 6 months now and I’m loving it so far!

While most western currencies are displayed in the following format: £10.00 or $10.00. while some of your other currencies like PLN are normally displayed like this: 10.00 zł (with a spacebar and the currency after the amount).

Would it be possible for Revolut to change the way they are displaying some of their currencies? At the moment, Revolut displays PLN amounts this way: zl10.00 which looks very weird to Polish people :slight_smile:

@Revolut, could you consider this?



I totally agree. While it is correct in English for an ISO currency code to precede an amount, where a local currency abbreviation is used, English usually follows the local convention. “zl10.00” looks weird to me as a native English speaker. I would expect to see “PLN 10.00” or “10.00 zl” or even better “10.00 zł”.